Naturopathy is a form of healthcare that combines modern treatment with traditional methods. It includes alternative, natural therapies to modern medicine.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to help manage a health condition or enhance wellness. It involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body. Massage has been practiced in most cultures, both Eastern and Western, throughout human history, and was one of the earliest tools that people used to try to relieve pain.


Physiotherapy is a type of health care profession that focuses on the physical rehabilitation and treatment of individuals who have suffered from an injury or illness.

Wet Pack

It is a water-soaked cloth that is wrapped around different body parts for healing. Wet packs help in eliminating those toxins from targeted body parts, hence help in relieving diseases and pains.

Spinal Bath

The spinal bath is an important form of hydrotherapic treatment. This bath provides a soothing effect to the spinal column and thereby influences the central nervous system. It is given in a specially designed tub with its back raised so as to provide proper support to the head.

Sun Bath

It helps to improve the blood circulation in the body and eliminates toxins from the body. It is also necessary for the absorption of calcium by the bones.

Magneto Therapy

Magneto therapy is effective in healing pain since magnetic waves pass through the tissues and induce secondary currents which reduce pain and swellings.


Exercise helps with pain management as regular movement promotes healthy blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the cells. In doing so, it also removes pain-inducing chemicals and toxins from tissues.

Herbal Drink

Herbal drink can be made with fresh or dried flowers, immature fruits, leaves, seeds, and/or roots by steeping (infusion) or boiling (decoction) of the source materials including provides specific benefits-including digestion, detoxification and weight loss.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

Mud Pack

Mud masks can clear the skin of impurities, unclog pores, and absorb excess oil. Earlier research in Petri dishes suggests that the high mineral content of Dead Sea mud may inhibit some types of acne-causing bacteria.


Yoga is a mind and body practice that can build strength and flexibility. It may also help manage pain and reduce stress.


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for soothing pains and treating certain medical conditions. Hydrotherapy equipment includes pools, whirlpools, whirlpool spas, hot tubs, and physiotherapy tanks. e stress.

Steam Bath

a simple and effective therapy to cleanse the body of toxins. A herbal steam bath involves sweating caused by steam. Such a steam bath can help remove toxins from the body. It is a part of the cleansing therapy done after a massage.

Herbal Application

It involves the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing.

Hip bath

Hip Bath is a hydro-therapeutic measure where person is made to sit in a hip bath tub and water is filled up to the navel region.

Mud Bath

Mud may be applied to the patient in sitting or lying position. Its application has been found to be useful in treating constipation, lumbago, abdominal cramps, chronic pains etc.

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